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This includes all articles directly related to Ancient History as a science, that is, the History of
, historiography, and also those articles that are relevant to the historical knowledge of
the Ancient World. Finally, this also includes articles related to the Archaeology of the classical

The days of the week are pagan

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Christ was born in the time of Emperor Augustus, although a probable error of four years in relation to the official chronology. In early, Christianity was unnoticed in Rome, confused with Judaism and its various sects, but it had then a remarkable success for expansion to become the official religion and finish the traditional pagan religion off.

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Kalendae, Idus, Nonae: a very complex way to name the days of the month

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Everything related to the history of the Roman calendar and its transmission until today is very complex, especially for us who are used to a system of nomination of days of the month truly simple, each day is called the number it occupies in the whole month: January 1st, February 2nd or February 15th or March 3rd ...

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