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1001 deeds, sayings, curiosities and anecdotes of the ancient world
History is the "teacher of life". The knowledge of the ancient world can help us to understand ourselves and to deal with situations of the present moment.
About us

ANTIQUITATEM is the result of the combined efforts of an old professor of Latin who has always been in love with the Old World, a young computer engineer, and a telecommunications engineer in the role of a willful English translator.

The content is aimed at a general reader interested in the Ancient World, without any specialization. But that does not mean that the articles and the information provided is not rigorous, but on the contrary, as befits a serious work.

Some readings may involve some difficulty: that can not produce discouragement but increase the interest, because certainly be worth the effort. In any case the articles selection will depend on what, in the opinion of the author, has any interest or enclose any lessons for the modern reader.

Antonio Marco Martinez

Born in January 1949, Professor of Latin at various high schools, he is now retired and has enough time to re-read the Greek and Latin classics, review their history and culture, and extract information that has a direct relevance to the present.